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Montgomery uses the coaching method to lead workshops for journalists to find fluency and confidence with visual storytelling, video journalism and design thinking methods.

He combines on-site visits with coaching and e-learning components to deliver a comprehensive solution that generates satisfying results.

What clients say:

"Montgo​m​ery's Design Thinking workshop gave us immediate and tangible results, projects and ideas we have decided to implement into our products!
Robb managed to unlock the creative and innovative potential​ ​of our staff - it was impressive.

Not only did we have impact through proposals created during his three-day visit, but we also saw an impact on the motivation​ ​and loyalty of our employees.

Enabling our team for this kind of "work play" meant enabling a competitive edge for our company and acquiring​ ​a new kind of necessary literacy.
This is why, in the end, we decided to​ ​provide all of Robb's online courses to all of our employees - as a mandatory​ ​educational program."
Boris Trupčević
General Manager for Croatia
Styria Media International GbmH

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