Field reporters can produce spectacular multimedia pieces all by themselves.

Mobile devices, apps and story forms now allow field reporters to be able to produce spectacular 'Snowfall' type multimedia pieces all by themselves.

Look at this example by an investigative journalist and VJ from Germany who spent a week in Turkey covering the SOMA mine disaster.'s Claas Weinmann filed daily original films (for paywall customers) and then summarized the events of the week with the Storehouse iPad app.

We have reached a point where fully-trained field reporters don't need to return to the newsroom and sit with a developer and a designer to craft engaging multimedia pieces. We are at a turning point.

Do you struggle to make good photos or videos with your iPhone?
This new interactive textbook will get you started in the right direction.

The MOJO Pyramid

The MOJO Pyramid allows trained reporters carrying mobile gear to be out in the field, where the stories and the subjects of those stories exist.
The MOJO Pyramid has three layers, each one requiring different combininations of skills, gear and expertise.

1) VJs - Highly skilled, solo field reporters with specialized gear and the most demanding assignments.

2) Specialists - Dedicated to producing one story form
at professional level with dedicated gear.

3) Generalists - Field reporters producing a range of multimedia assets using common mobile devices.

This concept is fully explored in a Webinar I recently produced for Poynter's NewsUniversity on mobile reporting.

Contact me if you want a private Webinar or mobile reporting consulting for your news team.

Three mobile reporting multimedia story examples

Here are three recent examples of story forms I have made with mobile devices.

1) A street scene in Berlin using the five shot pattern, iMovie and iPhone 4.

Street scene in Berlin using the five shot pattern

2) The Isle of Sylt: Walk to Sansibar along the North Sea with me.

I filmed with a GoPro and iPhone, and edited and produced the multimedia package using Storehouse app on iPad.

Multimedia package

4) German horses live in glass houses - a video from photos using a smartphone.

This is an example of an smartphone video produced from a picture story, voice over and storyboard.

Do you struggle to make good photos or videos with your iPhone?
This new interactive textbook will get you started in the right direction.

The MOJO Guide series focuses on the fundamentals for using mobile devices to produce multimedia stories.

They are written for media students and educators. They are designed for the mobile generation of storytellers.

Gear for iPad filmmaking

I show this photo in my MOJO workshops, lectures and in Webinars and it always gets a nice response.

I made this rig for an iPad mini when I was filming some shots in Berlin for a client. This rig has lights, camera and action!

Hover over the image and click on the hotspots to learn about each piece.

Tips for how to make high quality stories with mobile devices like these can be found in this series of textbooks at

Gear for mobile reporting For #MOJO and iPhone video, photo and audio production

Here are links to the #MOJO gear pages on my Web site.

Rig for iPad filmmaking

MOJO teleprompter rig

Pro audio interface

Microphones and mounts