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20 April, 2017

#MOJO: Can Mobile Video and Design Thinking save your newsroom?

This post is for the people who have been asking for slides after my recent lectures on this topic in Italy, Cairo, Chicago, Paris, Vienna, Warsaw, and Zagreb.

Here you go: I am posting these handout slides from my keynote presentation: A Revolution in Storytelling - Can Mobile Video and Design Thinking can save your newsroom? 

TIP: Join me at the Lviv Media Forum in May for the next presentation.

BTW, This talk is always updated and started out seven years ago with the title "Your Smartphone is your newsroom" after I had built the MOJO app and mobile video training for RFE/RL broadcast reporters and the S.M.A.R.T. Media Lab.

The lecture has been updated after The New York Times said it was rethinking their reporting to allow them to be led by visual-first journalism, which is a pretty big deal for some.

As you can see, my strategic partners and I have been ready for this for quite a while . . .

Reach out to Nicole Frankenhauser at WAN-IFRA to discuss consulting and coaching offers related to these topics. 

Nicole Frankenhauser. Advisory Coordinator. 
Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 
+49 69240063275.

13 April, 2017

Study Filming and Editing Smartphone Videos in Berlin - Private video training

Study smartphone filming and editing with me in Berlin and stay in our guest room.
Study smartphone fillming and editing with me in Berlin and stay in our guest room. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

In Berlin I train groups of students here on study tours from universities in Michigan and Barcelona.

Private tutoring is also possible. We have hosted individual sessions for senior managers from Reuters, CNN, similar who come to spend two day or four day immersions.
People in leadership and development roles as well as educators have visited to pick up some new skills and deepen their experiences all while filming
Contact Robb about your personalized training program and get excited to visit the vibrant streets of Berlin Mitte to take deep dives in smartphone filming and mobile journalism and DIY filmmaking with Osmos, GoPros and 360 cams.

You can come to learn how to make travel films, or how to produce, film and edit people-driven, interview centric videos for your training or social media efforts.

12 April, 2017

Can Design Thinking Save Your Newsroom?

"Design thinking is a creative process that yields a business result."

Join me at Lviv Media Forum on 17 May, 2017 as we explore this topic: Can Design Thinking Save Your Newsroom?

The brief:
The capacity to innovate new concepts and to build and launch new solutions for customers in just a few days has become a necessity for every media outlet.

Teams that can problem-solve together have the competitive edge.

This presentation will examine how design thinking works for media makers like 24SATA in Croatia.