German horses live in glass houses - video from photos using a smartphone.

This is an example of an smartphone video produced from a picture story, voice over and storyboard.

The free Flipagram app was used to organize the story and produce the video.

The MOJO Guide series focuses on the fundamentals for using mobile devices to produce multimedia stories.

They are written for media students and educators. They are designed for the mobile generation of storytellers.

Volume 1 introduces mobile photography gear, techniques and picture story workflows. 

Volume 2 builds on this picture story foundation to include aspects of mobile video production and interviewing techniques.

Future volumes will cover audio, data visualizations and team-based multimedia project planning.

Who’s is this book for? 
This interactive book is for journalists, NGOs, communications officers, activists, content marketers, and media students who want to use mobile cameras to take better pictures and create visual stories.

The 'Field Guide' series are designed as fully-interactive eBooks and will first appear in Apple's iBooks store.

This step-by-step example will appear in Volume 2 of the MOJO field guide series - Video Production and Interviews.

Gear guide: Build a pro TV rig with mobile kit. #MOJO

I thought I should have something fresh to share, so I built this teleprompter camera kit using the gear I recommend in my workshops.

Hover over the image above and you's see that all of the kit is priced out.

Touch a hotspot on the image to get the details.

This is a professional quality MD camera and teleprompter solution for mobile journalism video productions. The rig breaks down quickly to fit into a small backpack or camera bag.

I'll be teaching at the prestigious Reporter Forum (@SPIEGEL) in Hamburg from my new book - "A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism."