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29 June, 2016

Flashmob Berlin: Adding music with Quik app brings YouTube Copyright claim

I filmed this LED flashmob in Berlin, edited it with the Quik app on my iPhone, shared it on YouTube, and this is what happened.

Youtube music copyright warning

As soon as I had uploaded the video, I got an e-mail alert from Youtube. The music that was added by the Quik app triggered a copyright claim.

So, I went to watch my video and was surprised to see that Google was selling ads against my copyright (for visuals) and the music publisher's content (for audio).

YouTube running ads on my content

And I shook my head, and said, "Hmm."

YouTube says that it is sharing the ad revenue from these placements with the composer. I have no idea of the percentage of such an arrangement and I am, for sure, not being compensated for my original, exclusive footage.

How do I know I have no chance to earn money?

I went into the video settings for the film and saw this.

Monetization turned off by YouTube

YouTube offered me the chance to remove the Quik music and replace it with royalty-free music from their library.

Choose YouTube music instead

I made a choice for dance music and, lo and behold, I was allowed to monetize my video.

Now you can monetize your video

Until I can learn more about how Quik licenses the music they provide in their app, I will avoid this screen in the future when pairing my valuable footage with their music library.

Music in Quik app is not royalty free

P.S. I uploaded alternate edits of the video on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and received no copyright warnings for the original tracks.

24 May, 2016

Can you use the Osmo for interviews?

I test the Osmo with three different external microphones to see if the stable cam is good enough to be used for #MoJo interviews.


Filmmaker Robb Montgomery takes the Osmo to a volcano in Chile, sand dunes in Doha, a wedding in India, and aboard a whale watching boat ...

15 May, 2016

Learn to make great videos with your smartphone

The Smart Film School is a collection of certificate course packs that teach you how to shoot and edit video on a mobile phone, produce social video content and master mobile journalism.

These online courses feature step-by-step tutorials and are used by journalism professors to teach mobile and multimedia storytelling courses to students carrying smartphones.

Students at the University of Notre Dame, FH Wien (Vienna, Austria), Stockholm University of Media Studies, Ithaca College (New York), and the Danish School of Media and Journalism use these course packs in their mobile journalism and multimedia storytelling studies.

Editorial managers at media houses in Asia and Europe assign these course packs to their reporters and use the built-in Udemy certification and exercise results to verify completion and make new assignments that match the journalists new skills.

These MOJO courses are also used by reporters at The New York Times, Reuters, RTÉ, AP, Mediacorp, Channel News Asia, The Straits-Times, SPH Magazines, VRT Belgium, and CNN.

Mobile Journalism: 100+ tips to shoot and edit social video

Produce Incredible Multimedia Video Content With Your Phone

Kickstart your Live Video Broadcasts for Social Media

Shoot and Edit 10 Types of Social Video

Shoot iPhone video like a pro - Masterclass of 100 filmmaking lessons

iMovie app: Edit video on your iPhone or iPad - iOS

Are you ready to start making short videos with your mobile phone?

Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with video, there is a course offering that will make you better.

These courses will teach you how to:
  • Film and edit video on the smartphone
  • Broadcast a live video report
  • Make silent video stories for social media
  • Produce social media video content
  • Plan and produce short form video
  • Produce interactive photo reports
  • Make high-quality video interviews
  • Perform simple, but powerful video editing in iMovie
  • Edit video rushes on deadline
  • Storyboard a documentary-style video
  • Manage video files between apps
  • Make a chart with an app
  • Record voice over narration
  • Use the best apps for video
  • Add sound bites to photos
  • Produce quick multimedia report
  • Make a narrated quick hit video
  • Tweet a video clip from your camera roll
  • Film in shot sizes and patterns
  • Build a 'Trust Bubble' with an interview subject
  • Record smooth video
  • Frame vertical video
  • Compress time with sequences
  • Edit audio tracks in iMovie
  • Create title cards and lower thirds graphics
  • Write to pictures
  • Make a video clip from photos
  • Edit voice-over narration
  • Write a great script
  • Storyboard a short video report
  • Organize visual elements into a video story
  • Frame and edit sound bites from interview subjects
  • Select the best gear for video
  • Combine charts, maps and title cards into a video

These self-directed lessons are designed for people with no previous video experience to quickly get a handle on the fundamentals for making and sharing social video.

You will get clear guidance for the apps, mics, lights and techniques that will instantly improve all of the video you make with a mobile device.

Start making professional-looking video using the camera you already have in your pocket - your smartphone.

There are more than 7,600 students enrolled and they are posting 5-star reviews.
Once I started the course, I could not quit until I had completed it. Each segment was interesting, informative, creatively presented and edited with precision. I loved the course and learned a lot from it. Thank you!
— Randy Hendricks ★★★★★

This self-directed training is designed to help Social media marketing professionals, journalists, communications teams and classroom teachers master the fundamentals of making social video with their mobile phone.

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Stephan Hendricks 
I liked the way this course flowed from topic to topic. Bite size chunks of useful information that made it easy to understand. I picked up a half dozen or so methods of improving my video making skills. Definitely worth the time invested in studying.

Denis Bulichenko
A useful and easy to understand introductory to mobile filmmaking will help you to get on track of making watchable and engaging video stories with your phone.

Ioanna Iliadi 
As a professional journalist I need to know how to use my mobile as a tool in my job. This course is like a guide step by step to make video using your smartphone.

Marie M 
I really enjoy this step by step course. it's a 360° vision with advices for the gear (helpful) and apps, and also theory and practice about to tell a story in video (journalism techniques, that's very interesting). Ok Rob, i'm waiting for the next episodes!

Martin Luxton
One of the problems I find with many online courses is that they explain but never go into enough detail or give concrete examples - they tell but seldom show. Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro shows a lot but at the same time Robb Montgomery explains the rationale behind what is happening, getting the balance right so that you never feel you are being patronised or that the course has been 'dumbed down'. The case study of the Egypt project is a great example of highlighting teaching points and creating a lot of 'Aha!' moments. I think the thing that kept striking me as I worked my way through the course was "this is doable", which given the complexity of the subject and my being quite 'tech-challenged" is a high compliment indeed. if you choose to invest in this course, you are in good hands.

Stephen Box
I was very pleased to learn about the shooting methods and especially the apps that can allow me to control the camera and edit footage. Robb is very clear and straightforward in his teaching, and I appreciate the way his lectures are backed up with slide or text reviews. Production quality was professional. Overall, this is a course you need to take if you want to use your phone or tablet for more than a still camera. Highly recommended!

High-quality and easy to follow course, not overwhelming for a beginner. Gear and app recommendations are very helpful. Also it expands one's perspective greatly about what can be done with a Smartphone. Thank you!

Sara Analike 
I found this course really informative and a great introduction to my new Samsung smartphone. This course has allowed me in a short few hours to create photos and videos which I never thought was possible for me to create and has opened a new keen interest in photography for me. Thank you Robb for your wonderful course and I plan on doing many more courses with you in the future.

Kenneth Mitchell
I felt I took away a solid base of knowledge to get off on the right foot when it comes to making video with a smart phone. The instructor has the experience to know what works and it shows in the confidence of his delivery and the quality of the examples provided in this course. Not only did I learn about the fundamentals and gear I will need to get started , but this course also gave me the confidence that I can actually do this, and maybe even do it well.

With this course Robb takes you step by step through the beginning process of making videos on your Smartphone. Along with the dialogue of the course Robb gives you real examples of videos so that you can see the point he is making. In this course he goes into depth on what equipment you need to get started (this surprised me how reasonably priced it is to get started) and what Apps to use. Really looking forward to the next installments of the whole film school course.

Edin Edin
Thanks you for making this easy to understand tutorial. Every minute that counts are like the step by step I am learning from this well explained tutorial. Everything else is excellent. All in all, this is an awesome 5 rated class.

Mark Priess
Thanks for the course Robb. I found Lectures 8 and 10 very informative and beneficial for me as I already had some experience with the video storytelling and editing. The additional app and hardware recommendations are just what was needed to take some of my concepts to the next level. For complete newcomers to mobile video I think all of the lectures will be very beneficial to them to show the capabilities and how to get out there making quality videos in short order. Thank you sir and good luck with your future courses.

Barry Reitman
This is a good over-view of what it takes to make smartphone videos. If tells you what apps and equipment are needed to go the next step, and I look forward to the follow-up courses in this six-part series.

Hubert Leon 
The course shows all basic gear information required that allow a beginner like me to get start. It also include some filming techniques that help to make the footage special.

Daniel Romero Sineiro
I'll be waiting for the other courses!

Every student receives a certificate of completion when they finish. 
This can be used for managers doing Enterprise-wide training programs or freelancers who want credentials.

Enroll now in the Smart Film School.

08 May, 2016

The Best Apps for Shooting and Editing Android Video

Journalists in India review their first videos
in a MOJO training workshop I produced for WAN-IFRA.

Android users rejoice. You can now shoot and edit great-looking video on Android.

Some of the best multimedia and video apps from the iOS world have joined the Google Play store and there are other apps that can fill in the gaps between the amateur and professional video world.

But first, a warning.

Many of these apps require at least Android 4.1.2, and works best on 4.2 or later.

For example, the developers of the Kinemaster video editing app strongly suggest that you use a device with one of the following chipsets:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800/801/805/808/810
  • Tegra K1(64bit, T132)
  • Kirin 920 HiSilicon 3630
  • Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420

Combine this with extra memory, a clean operating system (without any cracked apps installed) in order to get the best performance.

Are you ready? Let's look at my top picks.

Cinema FV-5

This camera app provides manual control and the ability to record footage at 25 FPS.


This video app is quick and easy to use. It also let's you record voice-over narration. (For advanced video editors who need to edit multitrack video (to produce J and L cuts), I recommend you check out Kinemaster.)

Tape Machine Pro

This is the app I trained all of Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty journalists to use starting three years ago. Why? It has the best sound quality and ease of use and, paired with the right microphones and training, can replace their cherished field audio recorders. Automatic gain control, simple interface, pro sound.

Udemy: Certificate courses 

Grab the Udemy Android app and register for this new #MOJO course pack.

This video training course teaches you the step-by-step methods and story forms for smartphone video content and you can keep the lessons on your phone for quick access. The training includes tutorials, workflows and case studies for using these apps.

Quik video editor

Quik (Previously called Replay Video Editor) is a fantastic app for quickly making short video content for social media. It is simple to trim clips, add text overlays and apply creative styles. The best part is that it is now FREE!


This multimedia app allows you to build a long story project that can include video clips, photo galleries and text. It is perfect for storytellers who are not so tech savvy. It is a simple to move story elements around and the result is a story that plays perfectly for mobile consumers.


This app makes it easy to add links to a photo and share it on social media and embed into Web pages.

Legend Text

Transform text into video clips with this simple, yet effective animation app. Great for making title cards!


The live video app with the most engaging audience interaction experience.


This app is a Swiss army knife of visual image production.
You can create collages that mix video clips and photos as well as produce portrait orientation visuals. Very powerful.


This app makes it a breeze to produce a video from photos and also add text overlays and location graphics.

The Smart Film School is a collection of e-learning course packs that teach you how to shoot and edit video on a mobile phone, produce social video content and master mobile journalism.

There are masterclasses with more than 100 lessons each as well as short courses that can be taken in less than hour.


Mobile Journalism 

MOJO: Quick & Easy Video Editing Solutions for mobile reporting. Produce Engaging Social Video Content with a Mobile Phone. iPhone & Android.
7.5 hours of video instruction, 100+ lectures

Social Video

Master mobile video storytelling by making 10 social video stories with your iPhone and Android phone.
4.5 hours of video instruction, 100+ lectures

Documentary filmmaking

Learn how to produce documentary films with step-by-step guidance. Go from novice to master iPhone and Osmo filmmaker.
6 hours of video instruction, 100+ lectures

Short Courses

Shoot and Edit Interviews

iMovie: Edit iPhone video

How to produce a news package

Live streaming

Are you ready to start making videos with your mobile phone?