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10 February, 2016

Film walk Perugia: International Festival of Journalism

Take a film walk with in Perugia. (Photo by Robb Montgomery)

I will lead two film walks in Perugia at the International Festival of Journalism.

The walks begin a little before sunrise on Friday, April 8 and again in Saturday, April 9.

Discover firsthand how to start using your smartphone to find, capture and share pictures that tell stories.

We will meet (regardless of weather) in the lobby of the Hotel Brufani and set of on a dawn photo expedition after a short briefing. A

long the tour, special topics and techniques will be shared in impromptu demonstrations as they unfold before the group.

Bring comfortable walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, and a fully-charged smartphone.

The session will be limited to 25 persons. 

Photo walkers will get complimentary access to a Smart Film School training course.

The purpose of this photo walk is to produce an immersive experience that can help reporters make photos and video clips that can tell a story.

The session start time of 06:00 is not arbitrary.

During the festival dates, 06:00 in Perugia is about 40 minutes before sunrise.

It will be pre-dawn light at this time and the town will be magical as the light appears.

Please note that this session will take place even if the weather is foul; sometimes the photos are better!

06 February, 2016

Waterproof video backpack

I travel for a living and this is my backpack.

This is the #MOJO filming pack I use for adventure filmmaking and backpack journalism.

It's waterproof, light and has the kind of special pockets and features that appeal to me.

For the last 10 years I have traveled for a living, so my gear is somewhat fetishized and highly valued for not only style, but how how well a piece of gear performs under pressure.

This is the Oakley Men's Blade Razor Pro Pack and it is actually marketed to surfers.

Please don't let that throw you off.

All this means, naturally, is that you also get a free dry sack as well as the ability to quickly strap a towel and dive fins to the outside.

Trust me, a dry sack can be handy when you are filming on a kayak towards a hanging glacier in Patagonia.

Filming in Patagonia. We are kayaking to a hanging glacier at Queulat National Park in Chile.

Waterproof gear is critical if you like filming water sports like kayaking.
While waterproof packs may not seem important to most journalists or filmmakers, it does grant you superpowers.

This rugged pack is designed to keep your gear dry in water immersive environments and that alone puts it a cut above other backpacks.

Additional touches that appeal to me is that there is a fleece-lined glasses case in the top and easy to reach internal pockets to secure passport and travel documents.

I added four high-strength Mammut carabiners to my pack to make it easy to attach it to the top of my North Face waterproof luggage.

Having waterproof packs mean I can stay longer at a scene when the weather changes and survive longer without external support when news breaks.

When you travel and tell stories for a living, gear like this can make all the difference in the world.

The pack has extensive internal and external waterproofing as well as a clever venting panel in the center.

Of course it can carry a laptop in a dedicated section separate from the rest of your camera, batteries, lights, cables, and microphones.

This pack will travel with me over the next month to sands of Doha, the streets of Dehli, the snow of Slovakia and the sun of Singapore.

Like I said, I travel for a living . . .

04 February, 2016

The year of mobile video content

2016 will see an explosion of mobile-to-mobile video content

Some of the most widely seen video footage from the November Paris attacks were captured by a print reporter with an iPhone.

A new report from the Reuters Institute advises media companies in 2016 to prepare for an abundance of online video, more mobile apps and further moves towards distributed content.

In their survey of 130 leading Editors, CEOs and Digital Leaders, 79% said they would be investing more in online news video this year.

The video enabled internet is squaring off against television news as the most compelling and authentic destination for live news.

SOURCE: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

Media design consultant Mario García says 'Video should be central to any newsroom’s digital strategy
,' in his latest post.

Mario is a voice that top media pros listen to and he hones in on the key problem. The training and strategic knowledge gaps that exist in most newsrooms are real, and fixable:

"The challenge: training those journalists and editors who are trained as “word” people to make videos.  Video making requires new and special skills, which, while not difficult to obtain, require a mind set on the part of traditional journalists.

And that is where the Smart Film School comes in. 

Share this special offer and encourage every one on staff to spend one hour to start to gain these skills. This is on-demand, on-topic video training that they receive right on their mobile phone.

Improve your smartphone video today with this self-guided course.

On sale for $19 (normally $49).

04 December, 2015

Advanced iPhone video

Are you ready to start making short videos with your mobile phone?
My courses teach video production, mobile journalism and commercial filmmaking that you can make with a mobile phone. Click on a course image to learn more.

These training courses are used by reporters at The New York Times, Reuters, and CNN. 

29 November, 2015

SALE: Pay only $10 for a Smart Film School video course

Do you want to know how to film and edit video on your mobile phone and get professional results every time?

For a limited time, get a top-rated mobile video storytelling course from the Smart Film School for only $10.

Grab these discount coupon codes and learn how to film and edit video on your mobile phone like a pro!

iMovie video editing - Storytelling with your iPhone or iPad
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Online movie maker: Filming, interviewing, script writing, editing, and camera stand ups in three hours. Make short videos!

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Quickly create social video with the video camera you already have - your mobile phone. Produce video that works best on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and popular chat apps.

Make pro video with your mobile phone: Master Filmmaking!
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You can learn how to film and edit video on your mobile phone like a pro!

More than 7,700 people are taking these self-training video courses. 

These professional development training modules are used by reporters at the New York Times, CNN, and Reuters.

These courses are typically only offered at $99 and $199 each. 

“Robb shows you step-by-step how to turn your smartphone into a mobile newsroom or documentary studio. Plus he gives great tips for the new as well as experienced videographer. The quality is what you would expect from Robb and as the obvious expert, Robb shares his passion for mobile video journalism throughout this must-have course.” — Scott Paton