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Video reporting with iPhone and iPad

One-day course: Discover how to transform your smartphone into a pro video camera:
18 February 2015

Multimedia reporting with iPhone and iPad

One-day course: A masterclass in creating interactive visual media using mobile devices
17 February 2015

The best gear for reporters making mobile journalism video and multimedia with an iPhone & iPad

Check out all of the mobile video gear I use for iPhone & iPad video journalism. 

I have an extensive list of the best gear here.


New iPhone or iPod touch for making photos and videos?

I had a student ask me a great question today in the discussion forum of my online video course.

"New iPhone or iPod touch for making photos and videos?"

Great question!

I don't currently have a recent model of iPod to compare the camera and app compatibility with, but I can tell you if you enjoy using an iPod for filming and editing and don't need cell phone connectivity, then why not go for it?

An iPod touch will probably not have advanced camera features like Slo-mo (the 240frames per second mode) or Time-lapse found on the newer iPhone models.

The site does mention the iPod having Panorama mode, however, which is a fave of mine.

NOTE: I often use a First Gen iPad Mini for filming and editing.

For time lapses with this device, I use the free Hyperlapse by Instagram app.

Here is an example of what that humble iDevice is capable of:

I am sure that a modern iPod touch has more megapixels.

At this point in time, megapixels alone are not the measure for quality.

The ease of use, app compatibility, as well as access to advanced camera features often matter more.

Free Clapper / slate app for iPad and iPhone

I found a very useful Clapper/slate app for iPad/iPhone:
And it's free on iTunes

I have added a Tutorials section to my blog — more than two dozen free lessons! 

If you would like to see some of my mobile journalism training videos on Skillfeed, here is my Share It Link

Happy Filming!

Getting great-sounding audio is critical and does not have to cost a lot of money

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Getting great-sounding audio is critical. 

It is the hardest thing for non-pros to do well. 

If you are using an Android or iPhone to film, then the $60 Røde Smartlav is hard to beat. 

It sounds great and a lav clip-on mic overcomes a lot of issues with recording at home. 

If you want to plug a mic into your computer a digital connection is best. 

The USB port on your computer is digital, for example.

If you want the absolute pro sound, you need a pro mic - These are the ones with a three-pin XLR connector.

You attach a pro mic to an interface like the iRig PRO and your production values jump significantly.

The iRig Pro attached to a Rode NTG-1 shotgun Microphone.

This interface converts the analog audio signal from a pro mic into digital one your computer can use. Plus, it let's you adjust the gain (volume level) and even give phantom power to the really, really nice-sounding condenser mics. 

You can attach an iRig Pro to an iPad, iPhone or ANY computer's USB port.

I use the iRig Pro because sometimes I want to use a shotgun mic on a boom to record me while I am at my desk (And I don’t want wires getting in the way, at other times I want to attach a wireless mic (for when I am walking around demonstrating something). A other times I choose a sweet radio mic like the Neumann TLM 102 for when I want to give my screencasts a glorious, rich sounding voice track. 

I may also sneak in a Joe Meek Mic preamp between the Neumman and the iRig Pro so that I can have some mild compression and limiting on my mic levels. That is a pro audio solution and pro audio upgrades the quality for all of your videos.

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