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12 April, 2017

Can Design Thinking Save Your Newsroom?

"Design thinking is a creative process that yields a business result."

Join me at Lviv Media Forum on 27 May, 2017 as we explore this topic: Can Design Thinking Save Your Newsroom?

The brief:
The capacity to innovate new concepts and to build and launch new solutions for customers in just a few days has become a necessity for every media outlet.

Teams that can problem-solve together have the competitive edge.

I produce innovation sprints for teams to develop:
- New strategies for growing loyal customers
- Redesigns of broken products and services
- New storytelling formats for mobile audiencea
- Low cost video studios to support live show production
- Curriculum for e-learning courses and playforms
- Web sites, portals, apps and other software-solutions
- Pilot shows for new video programming projects

This presentation will examine how design thinking works for media makers like 24SATA in Croatia.