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19 January, 2017

First look: Røde VideoMic Soundfield

This is a new 360° microphone from Røde and it looks like a game-changer for #MOJO video, 360° live video, DSLR sound recording, sports, music, you name it. 

A soundfield mic uses four mic capsules to record surround sound. 

It outputs these as four separate audio tracks which gives sound engineers the ability to make incredibly life like sound mixes.

The Røde VideoMic Soundfield has internal chips that will output B-format converted audio out of the 3.5mm TRS jack as a stereo signal. 

And the raw A-format four-track audio can be recorded using a dongle attached to the smaller multi-pin jack.

That's amazing flexibility. 

I talk more about recording multi-track audio in this recent post about making 360 videos.

You can use the mic to capture highly directional audio.

Or a stereo mix

or 360° ambisonic audio.

Stay tuned . . .  We'll be testing this out in the Smart Film School very soon.