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11 April, 2016

15 ways to get the most out of #MojoCon

Here are some quick tips to help you get the most of the MojoCon event in Dublin.

Take the bus
Coaches run between the airport and the city center. For example, I found an 11 euro return fare on Aircoach.

Get the Hailo app
Uber is not the main taxi app in Ireland. Hailo is and it works in similar fashion. You will have a much better chance getting a cab quickly with this app. 

The sessions will be great, but try to split your time between those and the hallways during the event so you can meet more folks and share tips!

Get the MojoCon app
The conference organizers have a handy app to keep you up to date on sessions, events and people at the conference. iOs app, Android app

Make a showreel
Having a showreel on your phone is a quick and fun way to share your best videos and photos. Make an album of your best work and sync it to your phone. Edit it tightly to include just a few of your best shots.

Ask for critiques
There will be loads of experts at the event and most are very approachable and willing to give you some quick feedback on your work. Respect their time and don't ask for them to look at everything you have ever shot. (Hint: Make a showreel ahead of time . . .) 

Chase a rainbow
Nothing is more fun than to try and film than an Irish rainbow. Chances are good that you will find one to film, too. (Don't ask me about the pot of gold . . . )

I spotted this gem on the west coast of Ireland before last year's Mojocon.
Be a mentor
Do you remember what it was like to be a student at a big media conference and how overwhelming it all was? I sure do and I hope everyone will take the time to not only share their expertise with but listen to their questions and offer to critique their portfolios.

Visit with the exhibitors
The exhibitors will be showing some cool gear and services. Take the time to visit with them and kick the tires on all the new stuff.

See the country
It would be a shame to only see the city of Dublin and not any of the nature nearby.

Here's a peek at what lies just outside . . .

Leave room in your suitcase
You will, no doubt, have your arms stuffed with handouts and samples when you leave the venue. Don't forget to leave some space in your carry on or checked bag to fit all your goodies in.

Follow twitter lists
Journalists like to make lists, especially on Twitter. Often we make lists for speakers of events. A Twitter list allows subscribers to see the latest tweets from speakers. Really handy at conference time as speakers often tweet out links to their presos and other links after they speak.

I made a Twitter list of this year's MOJOCON speakers here.

Take a walk

Join a film or photo walk and get some tips from an industry expert. These are among the best experiences - both for the participants and the leader. I led a film walk at the first MojoCon — RTÉ’s Philip Bromwell assigned me to lead a group in advanced filming techniques and it was extraordinary.

Visit a pub
This one should be self explanatory. Nevertheless, if your colleagues find out you play guitar and sing, you will no doubt end up looking like this in very short order.
(You have been warned.)

Get out and film!
I hope you take every opportunity to network and schmooze with industry colleagues while at the conference. That said, I cannot stress enough how beautiful Ireland is so  . . .    

Film some cows
Climb a mountain
See the movie "Once."

and hike the Cliffs of Moher . . .

 . . . at sunset

 Happy filming!