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02 March, 2016

Short films made with the DJI Osmo camera

I picked up an Osmo camera in Hong Kong in November and have been using it on my film travels.

What can it do? Take a look.

This scene was filmed with an Osmo in Qatar and edited on iPhone.

This scene was filmed in Pumalin, Patagonia in January, 2016 with an Osmo cam and iPhone 6+ after a three-hour trek to the crater. Edited entirely on iPhone.

This scene from the black sand dunes in Chile was filmed handheld with an Osmo and edited in iPhone.

This souk looks like something you would see in an Indiana Jones movie, so I made a movie.

Filmed with Osmo, edited on iPhone. The voice over mic is the Sennheiser ClipMic Digital.

Using an external mic with the DJI Osmo camera while searching for great blue whales off the coast of Chile. This piece-to camera worked, but I did have to make a few takes because the audio circuit on the Osmo does not seem to be that reliable.