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15 March, 2016

Mobile Journalism: Best Smartphone Methods for Social Video

Mobile journalism is a top skill
required of the next generation of storytellers.

This master course in mobile journalism has more than 100 video lessons. From live video to Kinograms - this course is thoroughly updated.

Mobile Journalism: Best Smartphone Methods for Social Video

Quick & Easy Video Editing Solutions. 

Make 10+ Types of Engaging Social Video with a Mobile Phone. iPhone & Android.

This course features more than 100 video tutorials that teach you the best methods to quickly produce social video.

You will learn how to quickly produce video for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, and Snapchat audiences.
  • Film and edit video on the smartphone
  • Broadcast a live video report
  • Make silent video stories for social media 
  • Produce social media video content 
  • Plan and produce short form video
  • Produce interactive photo reports 
  • Make high-quality video interviews 
  • Perform simple, but powerful video editing in iMovie
  • Edit video rushes on deadline
  • Storyboard a documentary-style video
  • Manage video files between apps
  • Make a chart with an app
  • Record voice over narration
  • Use the best apps for video
  • Add sound bites to photos
  • Produce quick multimedia report
  • Make a narrated quick hit video
  • Tweet a video clip from your camera roll
  • Film in shot sizes and patterns  
  • Build a 'Trust Bubble' with an interview subject
  • Record smooth video
  • Frame vertical video 
  • Compress time with sequences
  • Edit audio tracks in iMovie
  • Create title cards and lower thirds graphics
  • Write to pictures
  • Make a video clip from photos
  • Edit voice-over narration
  • Write a great script
  • Storyboard a short video report
  • Organize visual elements into a video story
  • Frame and edit sound bites from interview subjects
  • Select the best gear for video
  • Combine charts, maps and title cards into a video 
  • Export and upload video