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04 February, 2016

The year of mobile video content

2016 will see an explosion of mobile-to-mobile video content

Some of the most widely seen video footage from the November Paris attacks were captured by a print reporter with an iPhone.

A new report from the Reuters Institute advises media companies in 2016 to prepare for an abundance of online video, more mobile apps and further moves towards distributed content.

In their survey of 130 leading Editors, CEOs and Digital Leaders, 79% said they would be investing more in online news video this year.

The video enabled internet is squaring off against television news as the most compelling and authentic destination for live news.

SOURCE: Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

Media design consultant Mario GarcĂ­a says 'Video should be central to any newsroom’s digital strategy
,' in his latest post.

Mario is a voice that top media pros listen to and he hones in on the key problem. The training and strategic knowledge gaps that exist in most newsrooms are real, and fixable:

"The challenge: training those journalists and editors who are trained as “word” people to make videos.  Video making requires new and special skills, which, while not difficult to obtain, require a mind set on the part of traditional journalists.

And that is where the Smart Film School comes in. 

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