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14 November, 2015

Why Periscope's latest updates may be useful for newsgathering in breaking news events

Periscope has introduced two new features that can help journalists with live video from breaking news events

I made this video tour of the new features so you can see why they matter.

This tutorial is part of the Smart Film School course on Periscope best practices. 

Let's do the podcast again!

I am the first sound bite in the latest Journalism News podcast. Have a listen!

"Periscope announced two major updates to its app for both iOS and Android devices this week: a revamped global map and a skip ahead feature for replayed material.
But how do these new updates affect how journalists might use the platform for news gathering?"
This week's guests are:
  • Robb Montgomery, mobile journalism expert
  • Nick Garnett, reporter, BBC Radio 5 Live
  • Wytse Vellinga, mobile journalist, Omrop Frysl├ón
  • Corinne Podger, media development practitioner, BBC Media Action
  • Michael Rosenblum, video journalist, Rosenblum TV

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