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11 October, 2015

4k video shootout in London - iPhone 6s vs 6 Plus

This showreel by Robb Montgomery was filmed in London during the last week of September, 2015 with an iPhone 6 Plus.

There has been no color grading or any other advanced processing of the footage by any other device. This reel contains essentially raw footage. Albeit of a high quality.

All of the shots were filmed handheld and all clips were trimmed and assembled entirely on one iPhone 6 Plus.

Be sure that to enable the "HD" button or option in the video viewer when watching these clips.

The film reel below was made by AmnesiArt, a studio in France that produces film and photography.

This is what the new 4K iPhone 6s model can do. 

It appears that in some shots that they have used some extra gear and lenses. The end credits suggest that they edited their raw footage on a laptop with an expensive, high level video software package.