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15 March, 2016

10 ways you should be making social video with your phone

A video story for a mobile user consuming your video content on Facebook has to be produced and edited very differently than for a broadcast news package to be viewed on television.

In my research and practice as a video consultant on new story forms for news, I am constantly researching and testing the latest apps and techniques trends for producing mobile stories.

These are 10 emerging story forms that I am finding at the intersection of Social + Video + Mobile.

  1. Live Streaming 
  2. Video collages 
  3. Story cards 
  4. Graphics packages 
  5. Long form multimedia 
  6. Cinematic shorts 
  7. Real people pop-ups 
  8. Kinograms 
  9. The walkthrough 
  10. A quick hit 

I practice what I preach. I field test all of these approaches in the field.

I now produce all of my video stories, short films, documentaries, training videos, and workshops using nothing but my mobile device.

The results compare favorably to materials I used to make using bigger cameras and expensive video editing programs.

Broadcast quality mobile video has arrived with the iPhone 6 Plus.

The Smartphone is the perfect tool to grow a knowledge base about mobile and social video story forms for you and your teams.

This is one reason I made sure all of my video training courses at the Smart Film School can be viewed on mobile phones. With this mobile-centric approach, the lessons are always available to your staff.

Having fresh training content with you at all times is a huge advantage when you are leading a culture change that will allow your teams to take advantage of the emerging trends and profitable opportunities that exist for video content.


Robb Montgomery has been lecturing on emerging trends for mobile storytelling since 2010 and these are some excerpts from the latest version of his talk that was presented in London at NewsRewired, at Digital Media Asia in Hong Kong and with clients in Singapore.

The Smart Film School is a collection of e-learning course packs that teach you how to shoot and edit video on a mobile phone, produce social video content and master mobile journalism.

There are masterclasses with more than 100 lessons each as well as short courses that can be taken in less than hour.

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