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20 April, 2015

Tips for using Periscope for mobile storytelling in video

I used the live streaming video app in Perugia, Italy at the International Journalism Festival to film exclusive interviews with news makers like Jeff Jarvis.

Here are some tips for using Periscope.

In the slide deck below I show some clever ways to use Periscope and offer design guidance to help developers understand the difference between 'vertical video' and a 'vertical media experience.'

These slides are part of a larger theme that I present at international media conferences.

Here is a taste of the opening monologue.

"There is a new mobile storytelling language emerging and it is based on the concept story cards.

Story cards are not new, but cards in a mobile environment are swipeable, shareable, and streamable. Story cards are visual, compact, concise and can be organized on the fly at the presentation stage.

Visual story cards are extremely effective for mobile news and information consumers. The power will shift to storytellers who have the literacy to find, capture and present their stories using only their mobile device.

We are now at the point that very effective story card content is being produced by storytellers with mobile devices. Using apps, like Periscope and a range of other apps that work best on mobile devices."