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01 March, 2015

Film and edit a TV news package on your iPhone

50 lectures and more than 2.5 hours of high quality video lessons.

Film and edit a TV news package on your iPhone: Masterclass

Make broadcast quality video stories with your phone. Gear, Apps, Filming, Interviews, Narration, Stand ups, and Edits.

This is a comprehensive masterclass in video journalism and broadcast news video production.

It was designed for a broadcast client to give a comprehensive training program in mobile video production to thousands of their journalists and correspondents.

This new course is eligible for volume discounts to qualified organizations.

Make a video news package with an iPhone or iPad in 10 steps

  1. Gear, apps and camera settings
  2. Shot sizes and filming patterns
  3. Interview techniques
  4. Filming sequences
  5. Writing scripts
  6. Recording voice over narration 
  7. Producing a stand up clip (Piece to Camera)
  8. Editing soundbites in iMovie
  9. Titles and lower thirds graphics
  10. Sharing and analytics

What will I learn? 
The ten steps to producing a new package are presented in a step-by step approach with case studies and exercises designed to guide you through the process.

  • The most practical apps and essential gear
  • Fundamentals of camera usage
  • Format a script so that it can be read in one take!

  • Interview questions that will get great sound bites
  • How to make video interviews
  • Shot sizes and framing
  • A simple method for organizing your story flow
  • Camera fundamentals and the things you want to get right before filming.
  • The gear, apps and settings you will need for making pro video with a smartphone
  • A simple workflow for uploading your videos, adding metadata and tracking analytics
  • The do's and don’ts of making video interviews
  • Planning sequences
  • How to film the shots you need to tell a video story
  • A six shot pattern that makes great videos
  • Reporter standups
  • Organizing and formatting your story into a dynamic script
  • Voice over narration
  • Storyboarding
  • A filming pattern will get you the shots you need for a video sequence that matches a soundbite.
  • Video editing in iMovie Titles and lower-thirds
  • Crafting lower-thirds graphic
  • Sharing to social media
  • How to organize your video production apps
  • Setting up the video recording app to get pro results
  • A detailed look at the mics, lights and other gear you need to have in your go-bag
  • Edit a 30 minute process to be shown in 30 seconds
  • Get the best audio quality for your voice-over narration
  • Filming reporter stand ups and how they are used in video reports
  • Making a title card in iMovie

50 lectures and more than 2.5 hours of high quality video lessons