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20 February, 2015

Train your whole team - volume discount offer

Managers can now issue high quality training to everyone on staff with an affordable volume-purchase site license.

The entire newsroom of journalists at Public Radio International (USA) are among the first to give all their reporters and editors the Masterclass Smart Film School course in Smartphone Video Reporting.

The amount of the discount depends upon how many people are being trained and what we agree to as a training package.

You issue the codes and your staff turn in their certificates to you upon completion.

The certification of completion that is included with the course helps managers ensure that the training has been completed.

These are self-directed courses that teach exactly what you are after. The journalists can take them online or with their smartphone using the app.

Lessons can also be taken on a smartphone using the app.

Watch the two-minute Tutorial.

Contact me about your team's needs.

Read the ★★★★★ reviews below!

Media houses and educators are buying site licenses for these quick courses to train their entire staff on the latest methods and technologies.

These are self-directed courses that you also take with your Smartphone.
All students get a certificate when they complete a course.

You can take any of these courses on your Smartphone. My two-minute Tutorial.

Start making professional-looking video using the camera you already have in your pocket - your smartphone.