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29 October, 2014

Back this Kickstarter: A Smartphone Video School In Your Pocket

The Smart Film School is a complete video course on your smartphone that teaches you how to make mobile videos like a pro. iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Watch your pledge move the tote board!

This Kickstarter will support the production costs to make a complete series of online courses that teach smartphone video production using step-by-step video tutorials.

My video course, "Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro - Level 1"  is a hit I want to do exactly the same thing with the next five modules so that students can have a complete film school in their pocket.

What I want to build:
I want to create a complete video course to teach a novice how to make quality videos with a smartphone. A Masterclass of 100 lessons that a student can literally keep in their pocket.

The course modules that this Kickstarter will support include:
Apps and Gear
Camera and filming
Making interviews
Story planning
Video editing
When finished, the entire course can be taken using a mobile app.
I call this project the SMART FILM SCHOOL.

It will be a complete film school that takes a smartphone owner from novice to confident video maker in six steps.

I encourage you to share this mobile journalism effort with your colleagues. 

I am sure there is someone you can think of who would benefit from this terrific offer.

Check out the project at