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07 September, 2014

Turn your smartphone into a pro video camera for less than $100

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Make Great videos with iPhone and iPad
$10 off coupon

Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro
$10 off coupon

This bare-bones system will help the budget-conscious field reporter or media student to take higher quality video footage with their smartphone.


    TOTAL = $99.94 USD

The Rode SmartLav microphone improves the audio for interviews, standups and voice overs. It works with all iPhones many Android smartphones. Great audio improves production values significantly and you have to use an external mic to get that result.

The Shoulderpod S1 is a universal smartphone grip that will improve your handheld filming and allow you attach any smartphone to a tripod. Stable video is a hallmark of professional video production. 

The Filmic Pro camera app allows you to have manual control over your smartphone camera. The ability to set and lock frame rate, focus, exposure and white balance is what sets pro cameras apart from consumer models that operate in 'Auto-everything' mode.
Auto mode constantly change focus and exposure and the results scream 'amateur video.' 

Window light is free, so use it whenever possible to illuminate your victim! A small 5-in-1 reflector can really help you bounce more light on your subject's face and they can be found online for $15. 

Oh, and here is the quality you can expect. Here is a student video made in my #MOJO workshop in Berlin.

It was filmed and edited on iPhone 5.

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