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07 September, 2014

MOJO Gear Hunting: Shoulderpod S1

Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro

The SMART FILM SCHOOL project is a complete filmmaking course that you can keep in your pocket.

Prowling the halls at the massive IFA BERLIN show, I found a well-designed and sturdy universal smartphone holder that will help field reporters make better photos and video filming.

It is called the Shoulderpod S1 and I am currently pairing it with a Nokia Lumia 930 as a handheld b-roll camera.

Inventor Enrique Frisancho is holding this setup as he demonstrates his pro quality piece of MOJO gear at IFA Berlin.

This is the rig I wish we had when we were speccing gear for the hundred of RFE broadcast journalists we were outfitting two years ago.

I had one suggestion for Enrique - that he make a version with a standard thread mount at the top of the unit. That way a reporter could attach a light or mic for making quality interviews.

The cold shoe mount shown below comes with every Magic Arm, for example, so they are common. I would love to be able to screw it into the top of the Shoulderpod.

That one improvement make a huge difference in MOJO field reporting so let's hope that Shoulderpod will offer us a version with a top mount.

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