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23 May, 2014

JamSnap is great Photo + Audio app for mobile reporting

JamSnap is a great little field reporting app that let's you add audio hot-spots to photos. You take photos with the app or import them from the camera roll and then tap on them to add one or more 10-second sound bites.

The app includes built-in sound effects, but as a field reporter I will not use them. I want to capture the authentic sounds that match the still-frame photo.

I was so excited to test this app right away, that I grabbed my Røde NTG-1 shotgun mic, iRigPro preamp interface and my iPhone 4 and headed out into the rainy streets of Berlin.

The app is a breeze to set up and use. And it is free!

This app has many creative possibilities similar to the amazing Thinglink app that lets you add hotspot web links to photos.

Here is an first example I made in just a few minutes time.

A busker singing in Mitte with a 10-second bite of him singing, another bite of just the guitar sound and a bite of the audience reaction.

There are really only three steps to using the app.
Snap a photo, add sound tags and share.

When you log into your account from the Web site you are able to fetch an embed code and pop it into a Web article.

Of course, sharing a Jamsnap on Facebook, email and Twitter are also included.

I look forward to more testing of this app for different types of stories and situations for the Audio volume of the MOJO Field Guides for mobile reporting.