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27 May, 2014

Amazing mobile multimedia reports are now simple to make.

The Isle of Sylt: Walk to Sansibar along the North Sea with me.

Before you click on the link above, know this: that multimedia package story was written, edited and produced using just an iPad. (The photos and videos were shot and on an action camera and imported into the camera roll of the iPad.)

This is what mobile to mobile now looks likes.

  •  Mobile creators to mobile consumers. 
  •  Mobile journalism to mobile news consumption.

This free iPad app takes care of all the coding for looping video, responsive design and transcoding video.

This leaves you, the journalist, fully capable to produce high quality multimedia packages quickly from the field. With no technical assistance whatsoever.

You do need the reporting skills, of course.
You do need to know how to write to pictures, how to document using visual sequences, how to film and trim video, and get images into your iPad. That is actually the hard part. Because this type of reporting is done with a camera and a smartphone as the reporter's notebook.

Once you are accomplished at that doing that type of storytelling, then it is nice not to have to worry about the technical stuff at all. Not to have to wait for a developer to code up your piece. You can do it all, on you iPad and it will work great.

Your multimedia package will display just fine for smartphone, tablet or Web browser consumers.

For this blog I used the embed code to place my story.
I also posted my piece to Twitter and Facebook with one tap.

Maybe you need more control over where and how your multimedia stories are displayed. If so, I recommend you talk to the developers at Storehouse - the team that makes this app.

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