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17 February, 2014

Five great walks across Scotland

I am sharing maps, photos and hiking notes from five fantastic places in the Scottish Highlands that will take your breath away. Click on the photos to open detailed walking maps.

Invermoriston, Scotland 
Hiking | 7.2 km

Loch Ness

A 7 km forest walk along Loch Ness on the Great Glen Way.
Visit stunning waterfalls in the village of Invermoriston and hike up 200 meters trough a pristine Scots pine forest. The hike starts on a Forestry Commission road behind a newly remodeled B&B. Along the way you'll find lovely views of Loch Ness, lichen-encrusted trails and step on cushy pine-carpeted forest floors. 

Ramasaig, Scotland
Hiking | 2.9 km


On the Western edge of the Isle of Skye lies Ramasaig -a remote area where it is possible to reach the rocky shore and also climb along some of the highest sea cliffs in Scotland.

Sligachan, Scotland,  
Hiking | 4.8 km


The River and Glen of Sligachan on the Isle of Skye, lead ramblers through a spectacular entrance into the Cullin range. Walking parallel to the river on a well-made gravel footpath,  there are a few brooks and swampy areas to cross. Stunning views all the way. Mount Marsco can be climbed to the snow line in about 30 minutes time.  

Milovaig, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Hiking | 2.1 km


Waterstein Head is the second-highest sea cliff in Scotland, but only moderately difficult to climb. At the summit, enjoy views of Neist Point Lighthouse and Loch Mor. During a light snow storm, the cliffs and fields are painted beautifully.

Rowardennan, Scotlland
Hiking | 4.4 km

Loch Lomond

On the West Highland Trail you will walk through forests, climb up and down glacial moraines and and along the eastern edges of Loch Lomond before ending up at Rowardennan Hotel. At the pub you can enjoy ordering a soup and sandwich lunch. About 2.2 hours walking with photo talking stops. Can be done in little over an hour each direction if you press on instead.