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27 January, 2014

Filming the Edward Snowden interview in Moscow

Hubert Seipel was the first television journalist get an exclusive, on-on-one TV interview with Edward Snowden.

It aired nationally. It was conducted in English. It was filmed in Moscow. It was a high quality, serious effort. Just look at the cinematic lighting techniques the national German broadcaster brought with them. They also used ultra-secure, wireless encryption devices that can be seen below.

Filming Edward Snowden
2 lapel mics, 2 key lights, 2 hair lights, 4 cameras.

The curving wall distortion in camera four's shots tell me that that this 'process shot' was likely made with a GoPro.

This is how the crew set up the room for the first one-on-one interview with Edward Snowden in Moscow.

The image also reveals one of Snowden's cameras was on a sliding track. Interesting to see the pros position the key lights on the same side as the natural window light.

This exclusive and lengthy and investigative interview with Edward Snowden was conducted in a Moscow Hotel room, under much secrecy and great security by . . . Germany's public television.

Hubert Seipel succeeded as the first television journalist to get a TV interview with Edward Snowden.

The US TV presenter, Brian Williams is claiming that he has an exclusive; the 'first TV interview since Snowden fled to Moscow.'

Williams opens with this voice over at 00:16-00:19 of the interview.

“That this was the first good long look at him the world has had."
That is not true.

This kind of false puffery hurts serious journalism efforts everywhere.

The 30-minute German TV interview caused a huge level of interest in many part of the world. The Snowden interview is on the World Wide Web.

In journalism, facts are sacred.

I don't understand American journalists who omit any reference to this first interview in their reporting based on the grounds that American media didn't pay enough attention to the original on-on-one sit down with Snowden in Moscow.

Williams was also profiled in The New York Times about his 'Big Get.' He nver mentions the fact that his interview is the second one to be done by a national broadcaster.

Snowden's first major TV interview after fleeing to Moscow already happened back in January.

CNN's Reliable Sources host, Brian Stetler, writes in this article about why it is such a big deal about why Snowden waited one year to talk to a TV interviewer.

But, his story is wrong. The entire premise is based on an unverified claim by the one and only source in his story: Ben Wizner, an ACLU attorney.

Below is the first, exclusive, English language, In Moscow hotel, TV interview, produced by a top TV journalist, aired for a respected national network.

Watch the Snowden-Interview in English.