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16 December, 2013

Mobile Journalism Training to Support iPhone, Android and Editing Workflows

Robb Montgomery will be leading mobile video storytelling workshops and presenting keynotes at:

International Festival of Journalism 
April 15-19, Perugia

One-day course: Discover how to transform your smartphone into a pro video camera.
30 April 2015, London

One-day course: A masterclass in creating interactive visual media using mobile devices.
1 May 2015, London

Digital Journalism World
May 11-12, Singapore

Singapore Press Holdings
Mobile video workshops - private training
May 13-14

Mobile Journalism Workshops 
organized by WAN-IFRA Asia
May 15-16, Kuala Lumpur

Digital Journalism Days (TBA)
May 21-22, Warsaw

Montgomery has designed a master series of lessons and courses that teach all aspects of mobile video journalism to teachers, professionals and media students.

The Smart Film School has more than 125 video lessons that teach the latest in mobile storytelling methods.

These courses are used to train correspondents at CNN and The New York Times to stay current in mobile journalism techniques.

This video is me saying that "Mobile Journalism requires training, technology and workflows."

Una and Maja of the Mediacentar in Sarajevo interviewed me about the potential for mobile journalism during a week-long training workshop in Sarajevo.

My training is designed to teach reporters who carry smartphones - whether that is Apple, Samsung, HTC or Nokia. (Photo by Una Cilic/Mediacentar)

I'll be in London in January to teach mobile journalism techniques to a group of professional reporters. 
It's nice to teach in a city that is only two hours away from my Berlin home. 

Most of the places where I have been training reporters in mobile journalism techniques have been a little further away: Over the last 12 months I have taught journalists in Prague, Tbilisi, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Bangalore, Moscow, Bishkek, and Warsaw. 

But London is a place where I was experimenting with mobile video journalism before there were smartphones.

 I posted this YouTube video six years ago as a proof of concept of what was possible with a $200 digital camera (Panasonic Lumix).

Today, almost any $200 smartphone offers a better sensor, higher resolution and a better audio signal chain than that Leica-lensed wonder cam of 2005.

West Highland Free Press - Isle of Skye

Compare that first bit of mojo video with a rough cut of this film interview I made on Scotland's Isle of Skye in January with an iPhone 4.

Yes, I also used a GoPro action cam for some of the opening shots - bear in mind that this scene is for a feature-length documentary.

The sound is better because I was able to mic the subject with the same professional Sony radio mic that I use on my Sony A1 video camera.

The shots are stable because the phone was on a tripod.
The face looks normal because I used a fill light.

All of this extra bit of pro kit fit into my backpack and went with me for a four hour hike through the Glen of Sligachan after I finished filming.

Glen Sligachan on the Isle of Skye 
Photo + GPS story by Robb Montgomery

Next stops for this mojo train are USA in December, London in January, Cologne in February and back in the U.S.A. in March and April.

My mobile journalism training calendar is quickly getting full for the first quarter and I can't wait to see what new small cameras emerge for us to tell stories with.

Robb Montgomery is the author of the IREX mobile journalism newsroom and training center in Tbilisi, Georgia and recently developed mobile journalism training, workflows and field reporting apps for Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.