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17 June, 2013

Mobile journalism multimedia microphones - equipment for smartphone reporting

Manufacturers of mobile journalism reporting technology have been sending me samples for testing. Some of these solutions are semi-pro, while others are "broadcast professional."
All of these work with smartphones used in my smartphone multimedia training courses. I have produced smartphone reports from protests in Rome and interviews in the field for awhile now and using the right technology, technique  and apps is super-important to creating high-quality multimedia.

I have been using some of these accessories in the Radio Free Europe training programs that have been produced in Moscow, Bishkek, Prague, and Tbilisi.

Some of these are are brand new to the market and I will be testing them in Berlin, demonstrating them in Paris and using them in Zagreb for the next smartphone training sessions.

Stay tuned. This page will be updated and become a gateway for more details, shopping links and real-world test results.