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09 May, 2013

Video journalism and documentary filmmaking

Gain experience and confidence with all aspects
of producing news video packages in this immersive workshop.

Learn more about story planning, filming visual sequences, camera and microphone usage, conducting interviews, lighting techniques, gathering sound, and editing footage.

This is a practical, multi-day course 
for a small group of participants.

Master the art of reporting in video

  • Learn how to report and build visually-driven narratives
  • Master the camera and the technology
  • How to tell a visual story
  • Learn the critical angles and shots for video sequences
  • Basic lighting for interviews
  • Story planning and scene storyboarding
  • Editing tips for solving common problems
  • Mastering Pieces to Camera and stand-ups
  • Video for live events
  • Understand common edits
  • Recording voice-over narration
  • How to prepare and conduct interviews
  • How to film VOX pops
  • Advanced interviewing techniques
  • How to use action cams like the GoPro Hero
  • Learn to write scripts for Teleprompter reads
  • Capturing and building natural sound assets