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02 May, 2013

Rapid prototyping ideas 
for new products and services

Use design thinking to empower your business

Develop the skills to effectively organize a plan for a new product or service into a refined concept suitable to pitch to top decision-makers.
  • Learn the step-by-step method for developing and organizing ideas into action plans
  • Master team-based brainstorming and iteration skills to rapidly produce prototypes
  • Learn how to create a persuasive three-minute pitch to advance your concept
This workshop is for editors, managers, Web producers or any team that has to develop actionable plans for new products and services. 

From brainstorming ideas to scoping, scheduling, and execution you’ll develop the skills to effectively organize and develop almost any new idea for a new product or services into a refined concept suitable to pitch to decision-makers.

This seminar can be produced as a one-day or multi-day workshop according to client goals.

Develop, design and share great ideas
  • Clients usually provide a seed focus and key data around developing a new app, print product or Web site.
  • Learn how to identify and organize the development phases for any new product or service.
  • We use the Design Method™ to show how small teams can rapidly develop innovative concepts, refine their ideas and move them forward without delay.
  • Incorporate market research, develop mission objectives and structure the visual presentations using Maestro techniques.
  • Gain management insight in how to build and manage creative teams.
  • Participants learn market-focused techniques and apply a systematic approach to developing market-driven ideas and prototypes to reach new or existing audiences.