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15 May, 2013

Mobile reporting: Smartphone + Laptop

Smartphone Multimedia Reporting

Learn how to report compelling interactive visual stories using your mobile devices, apps and gear.
  • Learn camera and photo techniques to get most out of smartphone apps
  • Master visual story planning and writing to pictures
  • Tips for using fee apps to create snackable and shareable content for mobile consumers
Master the latest mobile reporting techniques and the fundamental building blocks for producing compelling multimedia story packages.

This training was recently delivered to reporters for Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty at three training locations: Moscow, Bishkek and Tbilisi.
  • With smartphones participants learn to produce multimedia reports that include photo, video, text, audio and location information. (Android and iPhone supported)
  • With laptops they will learn how to create charts from data, report in pictures and maps, create timelines from spreadsheets and produce interactive elements that engage online audiences.
  • Build a comprehensive multimedia slideshow using your new skills

Master mobile multimedia skills
  • Learn how to use your smartphone to produce high quality multimedia
  • Produce compelling video sequences
  • Set up the camera and microphones to get the best quality
  • Avoid common mistakes
  • Write and format scripts for easy-to-record voice overs
  • Learn how to 
produce NPR-style 
audio reports
  • Use geo-location information in your field reporting
  • Produce and share 360-degree photo and video panoramas
  • Build strong photo packages for slideshows, collages and social media updates
  • Master camera and photo techniques to 
get most out of smartphone apps
  • Build photo/mapping story packages
  • Prepare questions to get answers that cut together easily in an audio or video package
  • Develop visual reporting skills
  • Use free or low-cost Web services to create multimedia assets
  • Quickly produce data-driven timeline stories with text, images, links, and video
  • Find sources for visuals to add to mapping locations
  • Move beyond static text and report with rich, interactive elements
  • Use advanced editing and collaboration tools for larger projects
  • Choose the best chart type for the data you have gathered
  • Build data-driven surveys and polls and visualize the results
  • Build embeddable interactive images with videos, photos, links, and text
  • Transform numbers 
and spreadsheets into visualizations that provide impact

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