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08 March, 2013

Visual identity, branding and logos for multimedia

New logos
New brochures
This is the new stuff

I have been busy the past few months helping clients like Caritas international examine, discuss and redefine their branding and visual identities. 
I become motivated to turn those lessons learned on my own company.

Social media, digital media, screens, print, mobile, broadcast, and film. With all the places your company mark will travel, it's really a challenge to come with a logo and a visual identity versatile enough to work in all mediums.

Square logos are very popular with social media sites and app designs. They also serve as an icon for your company.

My square logo at the top of this post is my attempt to adapt my master logo design to suit this purpose.

I worked to refine my logo variations earlier this week to suit a new project I was  producing: A new brochure for mobile multimedia reporting training and consulting services. The brochure is designed for a specific audience - the media exec who will will view it on a tablet or other mobile screen. 

In short, I decided I needed a version of the logo that works for 'screens' iPads, notebooks, smartphones, and theatrical releases. 

Black works fabulously for the screen medium.

Mobile reporting brochure

Click on the four arrows 'Full Screen' button on the bottom right corner to see what I mean.

Black provides great backdrop for screen projection.

But, when you need a printed version, consider a lighter design motif.

This is a sample of a printer-friendly version that we are developing from the same information found in the screen version of the brochure.

These example show why developing a language for your visual identity needs to be part of your branding strategy. That's what I preach when I consult, and 
I like to practice what I preach.

Montgomery Multimedia consults on multimedia training, mobile-centric reporting, and new technologies for digital journalism worldwide.