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18 March, 2013

Mobile gear: $5 time-lapse timer for your GoPro camera

Mobile gear: Ikea time-lapse Go Pro mod by robb montgomery
I modified this Ikea kitchen timer to fit on tripod mount.

And then I modded a folding microphone stand by adding a brass tripod mount adapter.

The result is a small, stable, time-lapse filming rig.
Great for filming first light at Ramasaig cliff on the Isle of Skye.

This is a low-resolution 'proof of concept' version.
The footage is not color-corrected or tweaked in any way.

This kind of filmography is made from hundreds of 11 megapixel still images like this one.

If you set the GoPro to take a photo every two seconds then you can produce one second of animation footage for every minute on the timer. Pretty simple setup.

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