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08 March, 2013

Discount code for - #HackTheNewsroom at the GEN News Summit (19-21 June, Paris)


Just how cool is that headline for a title for a journalism conference?

Hack. The. Newsroom.

I have been participating in journalism congresses  or 25 years and they are usually pretty stiff and formal events. In other words, they are pre-programmed, dry and boring.
High-level journalism conferences just have not been very good at organizing creative media people to actually work together and innovate.

Hacking may sound like a bad word but hacking actually means to take things apart, learn how they work, and develop new ways to put things together to solve problems, create new functions, and customize your solutions.
Hacking is a creative and collaborative process.

I have been 'hacking' like this for my entire life and finally, editors and publishers are getting the message - that creativity, technology and journalism can be good intersection to explore.

GEN News Summit (19-21 June, Paris)

I am inviting you to join me in Paris at the GEN News Summit and do exactly that. Learn about drone journalism, dig deep in to data journalism and get the chance to roll up sleeves with your colleagues to create, to hack and to problem-solve collaboratively.

I know I am burying the lead here, but bear with me.
Montgomery Multimedia is a media partner for the summit and I have some discount passes to give away.

The special promotion code is "robbsfriends". 

Use this code when you purchase a GEN News Summit ticket and you will pay only 839 Euros.
This is up to a 50% savings as the full non-membership price costs 1,699 Euros.

Discount code for - #HackTheNewsroom at the GEN News Summit (19-21 June, Paris)