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15 October, 2012

The best photo slideshow creator for journalists

After much searching and testing, I have finally found the ideal HTML5 slideshow creator for journalists.

Building photo slideshows that will display on tablets without Flash has been a quest of mine for a long time now.

I am so happy to share a free tool that works as well as this.

Here is a gallery of photos I made at Berlin's Festival of Lights.

In my search, I tested tools that were far too complicated to use and services that were focused primarily on charging money before solving your problem.

I found only one tool that currently provides the critical mix of simple editing and networking integration that mobile and online journalists need.
If you know of others, please add links in comments.

The best news is that this tool is free and generates embed codes that allow journalists to insert a photo slideshow into almost any CMS or blogging system.

There are also links to make it easy to share your new photo gallery instantly on social media.

See a sample gallery in this Tumblr blog post

Go to Slide My Pics to build your own gallery

Building a smooth HTML5 photo gallery is the key feature. With HTML5 code, your slideshows will display on all modern mobile devices: Flash is not used.

The design and editing process is very well organized here. Nearly perfect for editors and journalists who have little time to produce great results.

Finding and importing your photos quickly is nice. 

The ability to select, reorder and eliminate items 
in your sequence is the difference-maker 
for professional visual editors.

Style your embed code and share instantly 
on social media, naturally.

The ability to toggle "auto-play" is smart.

Preview and custom sizing options make the process foolproof.

Networked — which is probably the way you work
The strongest feature for journalists is the ability to quickly build slideshows from your photos posted on other services.

To be able to quickly import and organize your Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa, photos into an instant gallery makes this the killer app for serious visual storytellers.

What do you think of this tool?
Are you using it to commit acts of journalism?

Please share links in comments.

In Facebook comments, several journalism educators commented about adding an audio track to a slideshow.

My thoughts:

It is possible to add an audio track with this tool.

The caveat is that that audio has to be posted to YouTube, which is a less than ideal workflow.

If they could instead allow a link to an audio clip posted to Soundcloud then I think we could be in business.

I could imagine posting an audio clip of nat sound or a voice over script for the slideshow example I present here.