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22 April, 2015

Trends in Mobile-first Storytelling @journalismfest #IJF15 in Perugia, Italy

Trends in Mobile-first storytelling: International Journalism Festival.

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20 April, 2015

Tips for using Periscope for mobile storytelling in video

I used the live streaming video app in Perugia, Italy at the International Journalism Festival to film exclusive interviews with news makers like Jeff Jarvis.

Here are some tips for using Periscope.

In the slide deck below I show some clever ways to use Periscope and offer design guidance to help developers understand the difference between 'vertical video' and a 'vertical media experience.'

These slides are part of a larger theme that I present at international media conferences.

Here is a taste of the opening monologue.

"There is a new mobile storytelling language emerging and it is based on the concept story cards.

Story cards are not new, but cards in a mobile environment are swipeable, shareable, and streamable. Story cards are visual, compact, concise and can be organized on the fly at the presentation stage.

Visual story cards are extremely effective for mobile news and information consumers. The power will shift to storytellers who have the literacy to find, capture and present their stories using only their mobile device.

We are now at the point that very effective story card content is being produced by storytellers with mobile devices. Using apps, like Periscope and a range of other apps that work best on mobile devices."

What story do you want to tell? These new pro mics can help tell it better.

At the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, I was lucky enough to meet up with several newsletter subscribers who told me (in person!) how much they enjoyed last week’s gear tip. 

That tip was how to find and order a low cost tempered glass screen protector to protect your smartphone’s display.

This week’s tip is pointed at the other end of the budget spectrum. What story do you want to tell, and what quality level does your audience expect?

If you do professional audio and video, you know that the one thing never to skimp on when making video, podcasts and multimedia reports is a great-sounding microphone.

There really is a huge difference in quality between a budget mic and a professional one. 

When you need to record truly broadcast quality audio from your iPhone or iPad, you will need to gear up. Pro microphones last for years, much longer than the smartphone you have in your pocket today. 

Sennheiser and Apogee digital have partnered to produce what appears to be a dream piece of pro gear.

A broadcast quality lapel mic paired with a world class pre-amp/converter. These are very tiny, but powerful news gathering packages. 

Their launch is a strong signal from the industry that there is an emerging pro market for people using iOS devices in the field.

They are available for pre-order in the USA.

Pre-order the new Sennheiser Clip Mic for professional iOS audio: Sennheiser_clip_mic_clip_mic_digital.html

This is the serious-minded model featuring a world-class mic capsule.

Both of these kits include an Apogee 24-bit/96 kHz Converter. 

13 April, 2015

Mobile storytellers - Lessons From The Smartphone Newsroom

Here is a sneak peek at some of my slides from my next presentations in Perugia and Singapore on mobile storytelling.

International Festival of Journalism 
April 15-19, Perugia

May 11-12, Singapore


"Your Smartphone is Your Newsroom"
2015 edition

The shift to mobile-first journalism is challenging both the way journalists produce and present interactive news for mobile audiences.

Montgomery shows new ways of reporting and sharing videos and multimedia content that connects with mobile consumers.

Emerging mobile behaviors are forcing producers to find innovative solutions. Among the challenges are how to best present reports for “tallscreen” mobile users.

He will also show what it takes to begin to retool news operations into a mobile-first operation by organizing workflows around highly-responsive mobile news production and delivery.

The most important piece of MOJO gear that you must have

The first thing you need for doing field reporting with a smartphone is a tempered glass screen protector for your smartphone. 

Since November, I have been using a tough screen protector on my iPhone 6+. 

A tempered glass protector is really important. 

My phone is always being used in the field, I film in extreme environments and I can truly recommend this simple upgrade to you.

The keywords to use for a search are "asahi gorilla tempered glass 9H screen protector"

These search words will guide you to find a protector for your phone model.

Look for the "Gorilla Glass" that is made at the top glass factory in Japan - Asahi Glass Company.

It is very quality and gives you the same smooth feel and very secure protection. I have found them for around 12 Euros from quality online stores.

I hope to see you soon at the next Mobile Storytelling workshops in Italy, London, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur!

Happy filming!