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The Smart Film School is a complete video course on your smartphone that teaches you how to make mobile videos like a pro. iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

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This Kickstarter will support the production costs to make a complete series of online courses that teach smartphone video production using step-by-step video tutorials.

My video course, "Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro - Level 1"  is a hit I want to do exactly the same thing with the next five modules so that students can have a complete film school in their pocket.

What I want to build:
I want to create a complete video course to teach a novice how to make quality videos with a smartphone. A Masterclass of 100 lessons that a student can literally keep in their pocket.

The course modules that this Kickstarter will support include:
Apps and Gear
Camera and filming
Making interviews
Story planning
Video editing
When finished, the entire course can be taken using a mobile app.
I call this project the SMART FILM SCHOOL.

It will be a complete film school that takes a smartphone owner from novice to confident video maker in six steps.

I encourage you to share this mobile journalism effort with your colleagues. 

I am sure there is someone you can think of who would benefit from this terrific offer.

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Get 50% off Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro - Level One course with the coupon code: IamSmart50

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I am looking for volunteers to help spread the word about the Smart Film School Kickstarter project.  

As an incentive to sharing a short message about this project, I can issue you a custom coupon code that will let you take the “Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro” course for free. (A $100 value)

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NOTE: This offer expires on Nov. 20, 2014.

Robb Montgomery

Kickstarter: A complete smaprthone video course in your pocket

My SMART FILM SCHOOL Kickstarter has just launched:  

A Smartphone Video School In Your Pocket.

Learn about the project:

The Smart Film School is a 100-lesson video course on your smartphone that teaches you how to make mobile videos like a pro. 

For iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Filmmaking and video apps to Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro

Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro

The SMART FILM SCHOOL project is a complete filmmaking course that you can keep in your pocket.

These are the filmmaking and video apps I use in my Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro workshops.

Watch my free video tutorial above for a walkthrough.

Many of these apps are free. 

Many of them are also available on Android and Windows phones.




This is the software I use for video production and for making video tutorials.

I am always on the lookout for new and better apps for Android filmmaking. Please let me know your favorites and will update this list!

Florian @Smartfilming sent me his list of apps for Windows and Android users. I have added in my own faves and made links where I could find them.

We are both beta testing the new Movie Maker Pro app for Windows phone and working with the developer so he knows what film pros expect in a mobile tool.


Camera/Video Recording:
Cinema FV-5 (lots of manual controls, pretty much a FilmicPro equivalent, some features like exposure lock are only applicable for certain devices), "A Better Camera"

Video Editing:
Androvid Pro: Simple app that makes it easy to trim and rename clips for video projects.
KineMaster (very good UI, almost as good as iMovie and Pinnacle Studio, in some regards even better: real audio ducking with keyframes, basic in-app grading, trim-to-playhead command, timeline markers ... 2nd video tracked was promised by developers for one of the next updates. Big bummer: KM introduced a subscription service with quite a hefty price tag, about 4 Euros a month, 30 per year. One can use the app for free but export has watermark. KM only runs on relatively powerful phones, there's a detailed list on their website.

Alternatives: Power Director, Video Pad (tablet-only!)

Camera FV-5, A Better Camera

Photo Editing:
Pixlr Express, PicsArt Studio, Snapseed, Photoshop Touch

Audio Recording:
Tape Machine Pro (Robb's Favorite!) Nice limiter and gain controls. Easy to trim and rename clips for audio projects.
Field Recorder (very good, only app that allows for flipping of the UI to still have important controls in reach when using a smartphone with bottom mic that is covered with a wind screen, very responsive developer. No in-app editing though)
Rec Forge Pro / Rec Forge II (reliable, easy to use, in-app editing of clip)
Lexis Audio Editor

Audio Editing (Multi-track):
Audio Evolution Mobile (very professional and feature-rich DAW, easy to use, top-notch. Some features not really important for Journos but one doesn't have to use them so it doesn't matter)


Camera/Video Recording:

Nokia Camera (selectable frame rate but no extern. mic support so far. Native camera app supports ext. mics, but standard 30fps)

Video Editing:
Movie Maker 8.1 / Movie Maker Pro (Beta)

Alternatives for basic timeline/storyboard-editing with multiple clips: MovieJax, Video Editor 8.1, FilmIt

Nokia Camera, Clever Camera

Photo Editing:
PicsArt Studio, Photoshop Express

Audio Recording:
Lexis Audio EditorWave Master, Ultimate Recorder

Audio Editing (Multi-Track):
Wave Master (timeline UI not perfect yet, but it's the first multi-track editor and a start)

Robb Montgomery

Get 50% off Make Smartphone Video Like a Pro - Level One course with the coupon code: IamSmart50

Note: This is a limited time offer!