Gear guide: Build a pro TV rig with mobile kit. #MOJO

I thought I should have something fresh to share, so I built this teleprompter camera kit using the gear I recommend in my workshops.

Hover over the image above and you's see that all of the kit is priced out.

Touch a hotspot on the image to get the details.

This is a professional quality MD camera and teleprompter solution for mobile journalism video productions. The rig breaks down quickly to fit into a small backpack or camera bag.

I'll be teaching at the prestigious Reporter Forum (@SPIEGEL) in Hamburg from my new book - "A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism."

A Field Guide For Mobile Journalism - sneak peek

A Field Guide For Mobile Journalism:
Volume 1 - Producing photographic stories with smartphones and mobile devices

Who’s is this book for? 
This interactive book is for journalists, NGOs, communications officers, activists, content marketers, and media students who want to use mobile cameras to take better pictures and create visual stories.

The 'Field Guide' series includes volumes on photo, video and multimedia.

Coming soon to iTunes.

Webinar announced:
Smartphones for interviews and video
hosted by @connectingup Australia.