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29 November, 2015

SALE: Pay only $10 for a Smart Film School video course

Do you want to know how to film and edit video on your mobile phone and get professional results every time?

For a limited time, get a top-rated mobile video storytelling course from the Smart Film School for only $10.

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iMovie video editing - Storytelling with your iPhone or iPad
Master iMove app video editing with make broadcast quality video stories that engage your audiences.

Online movie maker: Filming, interviewing, script writing, editing, and camera stand ups in three hours. Make short videos!

Social Video MOJO Course: Produce Content For Mobile Users!
Quickly create social video with the video camera you already have - your mobile phone. Produce video that works best on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and popular chat apps.

Make pro video with your mobile phone: Master Filmmaking!
Get paid to make short videos. Start making videos for YouTube. Become a movie editor and online movie maker. Make films

You can learn how to film and edit video on your mobile phone like a pro!

More than 7,700 people are taking these self-training video courses. 

These professional development training modules are used by reporters at the New York Times, CNN, and Reuters.

These courses are typically only offered at $99 and $199 each. 

“Robb shows you step-by-step how to turn your smartphone into a mobile newsroom or documentary studio. Plus he gives great tips for the new as well as experienced videographer. The quality is what you would expect from Robb and as the obvious expert, Robb shares his passion for mobile video journalism throughout this must-have course.” — Scott Paton

23 November, 2015

Finish any Smart Film School course and get the new Periscope course for free.

Complete any Smart Film School course and get complimentary access to the new course: Periscope - Best practices for producing live mobile video

The 100 percent student challenge
All you have to do is complete 100 percent of any Smart Film School course in order to qualify for free access to my new course on producing live video content with Periscope. (A $69 value.)

The new course on Periscope - Best practices for producing live mobile video has 21 lectures with step-by-step tutorials.

It's one, two, three easy to participate:
  1. Complete 100% of any Smart Film School course.
  2. Receive your certificate of completion from Udemy.
  3. Request access to the complimentary course.
Full details are inside of each Smart Film School course.

I encourage you to take the challenge!


#BF coupon codes for Smart Film School courses:

  1. Social Video Crash Course: Produce Content For Mobile Users!
  2. Make pro video stories with your mobile phone: Master Filmmaking
  3. MOJO: Mobile video journalism course for CNN correspondents
  4. iMovie video editing - Storytelling with your iPhone or iPad
  5. Periscope - Best practices for producing live mobile video
  6. Produce professional video interviews with a mobile phone.
  7. MOJO: Crash course in mobile video journalism, social video
  8. Shoot, Interview & Edit Broadcast Video With a Mobile Phone
  9. Produce Multimedia and Social Video with Your Mobile Phone

19 November, 2015

Robb bio

Robb Montgomery
Mobile video and design thinking consultant

Robb Montgomery is a recognized authority in video journalism and media lab design-thinking processes.

He is the author of "A Field Guide for Mobile Journalism," the founder of the Smart Film School, and the CEO of Visual Editors.

As a WAN-IFRA consultant he works with broadcasters and media outlets to develop their mobile and social video expertise. As a design-thinking expert, he leads cross-disciplinary teams at media labs to develop actionable prototypes and pitches.

For IREX Media Development projects in Egypt and Georgia, Montgomery developed the world's first mobile journalism school and trained thousands of journalists in video storytelling, social media, design thinking processes, and digital reporting methods.

In 2014 he launched the Smart Film School to bring mobile video training courses to everyone with a mobile phone.

As a consultant, Montgomery develops workflows and training for broadcasters and publishers to help their reporters report and file social video and multimedia story packages from the field.

His training courses are used by reporters at The New York Times, CNN, Channel News Asia, Singapore NewsMedia, Reuters, and in newsrooms and journalism schools everywhere.

He was elected as a "Storyteller in Residence" for the Ashoka Foundation in 2015.

He is a former visual editor for the Chicago Tribune Chicago Sun-Times and has led redesign projects at the Sun-Times, The Examiner and Leadership newspapers.

Channel News Asia, CNN, Mediacorp, WAN-IFRA, VRT Broadcasting, Singapore Press Holdings, Journalism Co.UK, Canal France International, Radio Free Europe, IREX, Radio Liberty, France24, 24 Sata, Institute of Physics, University of Vienna, Michigan State University, University of London, Stockholm University, Newslex Asia, International Journalism Festival, and the Toronto Star.
Designer of the mobile-first newsroom

Founder of the Smart Film School

Expert lecturer on mobile video

14 November, 2015

Why Periscope's latest updates may be useful for newsgathering in breaking news events

Periscope has introduced two new features that can help journalists with live video from breaking news events

I made this video tour of the new features so you can see why they matter.

This tutorial is part of the Smart Film School course on Periscope best practices. 

Let's do the podcast again!

I am the first sound bite in the latest Journalism News podcast. Have a listen!

"Periscope announced two major updates to its app for both iOS and Android devices this week: a revamped global map and a skip ahead feature for replayed material.
But how do these new updates affect how journalists might use the platform for news gathering?"
This week's guests are:
  • Robb Montgomery, mobile journalism expert
  • Nick Garnett, reporter, BBC Radio 5 Live
  • Wytse Vellinga, mobile journalist, Omrop Fryslân
  • Corinne Podger, media development practitioner, BBC Media Action
  • Michael Rosenblum, video journalist, Rosenblum TV

Click below to see the free preview of my new course on Periscope.

Periscope - Best practices for producing live mobile video

Get the $99 course for only $19 with this coupon code:

09 November, 2015

What's actually inside those Egyptian pyramids?

Presidential candidate Ben Carson claims that the Egyptian pyramids were grain stores and not, in fact, the tombs of pharaohs.  

This is a pretty strange theory, so of course I went to investigate at five pyramid sites in Egypt. 

Here is a video of what I found.


Social video is the most effective way to reach mobile millennials, but quickly producing smart social video content can be difficult if you don’t know what works.

I have been researching, teaching and filming new lessons from my recent consulting assignments to build a new course on making social video.

If you are confused or overwhelmed by all of the forms that social and mobile video can take, this is the course for you. 

Enroll now and get started making incredible short form social video that can be easily shared across social media channels like Periscope, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and SnapChat.

For a limited time, I am offering my $99 social video course for only $19. 

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